Saturday, January 14, 2012

30 by 30

I briefly thought about titling this How Did I Get So Old So Fast! That adorable little crow-footed baby up there is me. Damn, it really doesn't feel like it was that long ago but I am full on, no brakes, hurtling toward thirty this year and I'm more than a little terrified. So when I was reading blogs on my google reader the other day I came across this great post on Midwestern Sewing Girl with a list of  forty things that she wants to do by the time she's forty. I dig this idea so much! It's like taking the reins on this scary thing and giving it a direction and purpose rather than letting it become an occasion to wallow. I googled 30 by 30 and found tons and tons of sites with people picking up this motivator. 

Before I get to my list I wanted to wax nostalgic for a minute. When I was looking at pictures to find the one above I ran across so many awesome ones that I had to put up a couple more. I hope you don't mind, Maddy. I did restrain myself from posting the picture of you dressed like a cat for Halloween when you were a teenager.

Our lunch in the Village. Can you believe that this was almost TEN years ago! Such an amazing trip to NYC. 

Even farther back...what was this? Twenty years ago? More? That's madness!

 So start the clock, I have until July to complete the following list in no particular order. Wish me luck!
  1. Lose 10 pounds
  2. Set up an etsy shop and make at least one sale
  3. Sew a skirt
  4. Learn to better use my dslr camera and flash
  5. Take more pictures
  6. Get the inside and outside of the house to acceptable (doesn't have to be perfect but to where rooms look like rooms and all our crap is unpacked somewhere without looking like a tornado came through)
  7. Plan and plant a garden
  8. Have toys for sale in the consignment shop in town
  9. Join the Transylvania Handcrafter's guild
  10. Plan a trip to Europe (I'm thinking France or Germany)
  11. Go to the roller derby
  12. Run a 5k
  13. Go on a road trip
  14. Re-learn German
  15. Learn how to cook a really good steak
  16. Have the balls to get up and sing at karaoke
  17. Watch a meteor shower
  18. Learn to roller skate
  19. Get dressed up and go out to a fancy dinner
  20. Visit the Biltmore house
  21. Start a journal and keep it up
  22. Go to a stitch and bitch
  23. Host a party at my house
  24. Read A Dance With Dragons (Chris bought this for me for my last birthday but I decided to re-read the entire crazy long series again before picking it up so that I would be refreshed but it's taking me forever to get to it)
  25. Paint the outside of the house
  26. Get a haircut
  27. Do 10 things from the amazing little book Random Acts of Kindness by Danny Wallace
  28. Make a new friend in my new town
  29. Cook one totally new recipe each month
  30. Learn to lighten up 


  1. Jeanne - I LOVE this post! well, except for the 20 + years ago pic. What was I wearing?! This is a great idea. In fact, I just may follow your lead on this and do the same for my big birthday year. The only this is, I will have a lot more items and less time since my birthday is sooner than yours. I may have to alter it a bit.

  2. You should totally do it! I'm really excited about it. I just dug my scale out of the garage today to work on that lose 10 pounds. I also found out that I only way like 75 kilograms and I like the sound of that way better than pounds.

    You could do a list of 10 things maybe. That's like 2 a month. That seems doable.